The Most Pathetic Pokémon Ever… Bidoof

By on 11 August 2007

What is there to be said? This is pathetic. This is lame. This is crap. It’s got to be the worst Pokémon ever created. It looks like a turd with eyes and teeth. It evolves into Bibarel, which I guess is useful as an HM Slave Bitch (it can learn 6 of the 8 HMs). But you can capture a Bibarel in the Pastoria City Safari Zone (excuse me, Great Marsh), or in the wet grasslands to the west, and save yourself the pain of levelling up a Bidoof. Even the sight of a Bidoof is enough to send one into a murderous rage; I’m surprised I haven’t punctured my touch-screen by poking it so hard, wanting to kill all Bidoofs I come across. ALL BIDOOFS MUST DIE!!!

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