Mystery Dungeon (part 5)

By on 28 November 2006

Now, after 46 hours of game play and nearly 300 missions, Team Pika (pathetic, I know, I should have called it something like Rocket… if only I’d have known the context it would have been used in… maybe next time if I get to play Meowth) have reached 15000 rescue points, giving the ultimate in the rescue team ranks, named after our blue friend. And the icon changes from that weird-looking winged egg (I think) that’s used for the rank trophies, to his head. You don’t actually get him in this game, which is a shame.

As for the new dungeons, I’ve tried venturing into Solar Cave but had to leave after the 6th floor, it was getting to me. Maybe I’ll try again now, that my two main characters, the rat and Charmeleon (I evolved him that far), are at level 40. Once Charmeleon learns all of his moves, I’ll evolve him into Charizard.

Most difficult is the top level of Howling Forest, most of the Pokémon are fairly easy. But around the 11th floor and above, Kabigon start appearing. (Sorry, can’t remember Kabigon’s English name at the moment.) He does 60+ points of damage with a headbutt, and a thunderbolt meanwhile only does 20-30 on him. Lethal to meet in a corridor, with only the rat in front. Used 3 reviver seeds, as he’d wiped out the rat twice, and Charmeleon once. Fortunately the next one I encountered was paralysed on its first attack, and stayed paralysed until I’d finished it off.

Will try Solar Cave again, taking in the rat with Scyther and Absol. At least I can change leaders so I can ditch the yellow rodent, but as he and Charmeleon are the only two Pokémon I have at any decent level, the rat is better suited to a dungeon full of water Pokémon.

Went through the Unown cave twice, both times I’d beaten dozens of Unown and failed to recruit a single one. 🙁

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  1. mm AuraLucario says:

    Yes you can get lucario on your team. Once you are lucario rank , get Jirachi and the birds on your team, then go to the evolution stone. Lucario will come out but will say you are not worthy. He will challenge you to defeat all the dungeons. Then talk to him again, then he will go to the town square and announce a fight with your team the next morning. But when you wake up you will have to fight him alone, without your partners. If you beat him, he will join your team.

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