Mystery Dungeon (part 8)—Western Cave

By on 10 January 2007

One final dungeon before tackling the “start at level 1″ nightmares. I’ll try to recruit all the Pokémon available in the other dungeons first. But Western Cave was fun. Allow at least 1½-2 hours to go through this one. 99 floors with a ca. 1500 HP Mewtwo at the end, who will not join you first time around. What’s really annoying is floors 50-60, all eleven floors, have Sandstorm weather, Bangirasu’s special ability. Worse yet, trying to get out of the sandstorms results in forgetting to get the Beauty Scarf on the 59th floor. But it’s wonderful for level-building! AYR went in at level 77 and came out 81, Charizard went in 82 and came out 88. And I still can’t recruit another AYR from Lightning Field!!! Hopefully next time I go in to Western Cave, I can get Mewtwo.

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  1. mm THE FIRST GUY TO SPEAK says:

    ummmmmmmmm. where iz the wonder mail pass word dude?

  2. mm Rukario says:

    (ie. look on the right sidebar and see “Mystery Dungeon Wonder Mail Passwords”!)

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