Mystery Dungeon (part 8)—Western Cave

By Lucario on Wed 10 January 2007

One final dungeon before tackling the “start at level 1″ nightmares. I’ll try to recruit all the Pokémon available in the other dungeons first. But Western Cave was fun. Allow at least 1½-2 hours to go through this one. 99 floors with a ca. 1500 HP Mewtwo at the end, who will not join you first time around. What’s really annoying is floors 50-60, all eleven floors, have Sandstorm weather, Bangirasu’s special ability. Worse yet, trying to get out of the sandstorms results in forgetting to get the Beauty Scarf on the 59th floor. But it’s wonderful for level-building! AYR went in at level 77 and came out 81, Charizard went in 82 and came out 88. And I still can’t recruit another AYR from Lightning Field!!! Hopefully next time I go in to Western Cave, I can get Mewtwo.

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Mystery Dungeon (part 7)

By Lucario on Sun 7 January 2007

Another wasted weekend… I’ve had a friend text me some Wonder Mail passwords, so I’ve put them on a page on their own. I’ve done the missions except for the ones to get Blue-edition Pokémon in Red (for obvious reasons) and the Friend Area ones (I already have them). I normally avoid “Escort Me” missions. Team Pika is a rescue team not some bloody escort service! And carrying out the two escort missions for the statues only reinforces my decision to delete these when they come into my mailbox. Salamence only has 40 HP, so being attacked once by Fury Swipes burned up five Reviver Seeds! Poliwhirl fares slightly better with 54 HP. Also found out. if you take an S-rank mission, you can’t take another mission in the same dungeon.

Well, I’ve managed, this weekend, to bag Suicune, completing my Sacred Field collection (oh no I’m sounding like Jirarudan from movie #2!). Strange, it took about ten tries through Fiery Field to get Entei. Then, only one trip in Lightning Field, to get Raikou, and one in Northwind Field for Suicune.

Also went through Buried Relic again, got Registeel the first time around (but not the other two), then lost him to a Pitfall Trap. It seems that if you’ve got the Trap Seer IQ skill set and pass over a trap, anyone behind you that doesn’t have Trap Avoider set will trip it. Also if that’s a Pitfall Trap, you lose them just as if they died (ie if they just joined, you lose them permanently, but if they’re in a Friend Area, they return there). Anyway, the next time I went in, I didn’t get any of the Regis, but fought Mew and managed to get all of the HMs up to the 70th floor. The following time, I managed to bag Regirock. Regice came the time after that (I had to go out and back in) and got the final HM on the 80th floor. It took me three more tries before I could recruit Registeel! The next time in after Registeel, I got to the 68th floor and fought, and recruited, MEW! As soon as you get Mew, you teleport out of the dungeon and it comes off your “Go” list. Shiftry and Bellsprout in Pokémon Square go back to their normal positions (Shiftry complaining about his team only being Normal rank, Bellsprout telling you about Chansey).

Silver Trench was straightforward, but at 99 floors, looong! Got Lugia first time, though, which was nice. I had to send Blastoise back as Lugia is size 4, but sent Charizard back also so he didn’t interfere. Meteor Cave, however, is another nuisance! You can only carry four items, three in the toolbox and a hold item. The X-Ray Specs are good as a hold item, so I also took the Friend Bow and two Reviver Seeds. There’s no food in the dungeon, and you have to (1) find the Deoxys mirage on that floor and fight it, and (2) find the stairs. The X-Ray Specs help despite the narrow, winding corridors throughout Meteor Cave. But no sign of where the stairs are (unless you encounter them whilst chasing the Deoxys mirage). I died first on the 9th floor and again on the 17th. Got to Deoxys, forgot to put the Friend Bow on, killed it with two Thunders (doing 750 damage each), and didn’t recruit it 🙁 Maybe next time. Oh well, the rat’s up to level 77. Charizard, however, is up to level 82!

Well, on to Western Cave, another 99-floor brute with Mewtwo at the end.

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