Pearl Élite Four

By Lucario on Fri 26 October 2007

Ok, so I haven’t been posting much. It’s because I’ve been spending a fair bit of time over at Bulbagarden, where I go by the name ルカリオ. Anyway, with only one more Pokémon to get in Diamond to complete my Pokédex of 490, I had no end of trouble in capturing a Magby with Magmarizer. There is an 8% (1/12.5) chance of finding a Magby, and a 5% (1/20) chance of finding one with a Magmarizer in Diamond (according to Marriland’s excellent FAQ). Now, 1/12.5 × 1/20 = 1/250, so the odds are that in 250 encounters, I should find a Magby with a Magmarizer. Final tally: 803 encounters, 40 Magbys (Magbies?), 0 Magmarizers. So I gave up and started playing Pearl.

I transferred over the dream team from Diamond (see below), but as soon as I got to Solaceon, I bred Pokémon native to my Pearl game, namely a new Growlithe and Rioru. Shinx (now a Luxray, called Pikameowsy for being female) was my other major Pokémon. It took me a mere 32 hours to get to the Élite Four, including time taken to grind Rukario, Pikameowth, Emporeon, and Uindi (Arcanine) to level 70+. In Diamond, it took over 40 hours of grinding, after I reached the Pokémon League, to get my Pokémon to this level. (Because levels are based largely on six formulae all with the order of a cubic equation, you need 2^3, or eight times the experience points in order to double a Pokémon’s level.) With a fire Pokémon on my side, Bronzong was toast. And as that fire Pokémon is THE Legendary Dog, it has the highest stats of any normally-capturable Pokémon, rivalling the legendary cats. So no exciting tale of trial to report here.

But it took me just FIVE Magbys to find one with a Magmarizer, so now I have all 490 Pokémon!!! Ok, Magby was 489th, I had left that turd for last.

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