Disappointing… TR upset

By Lucario on Mon 3 October 2011

So, after episode 49 of Best Wishes (706 of the series), we had Team Rocket come up with a great plan to capture all the Pokémon from Raimon (Nimbasa) City. They used a ghost train running through the city’s automated underground railway system. Meanwhile, over the previous few episodes, Meowth was travelling with Team Twerp, having been kicked out of TR for failing one mission too many. During these episodes, he would act as a negotiator (Nya-gotiator? Meow-gotiator?) between the humans and any Pokémon they came across.

But in Episode 49, we see Meowth’s true colours. he was only using them to gain their trust, and thus access to the Pokémon centre’s high-security Pokéball vault, which just happens to be connected to the underground via an air vent. So Meowth can throw the Pokéballs in (and cages for the annoying yellow rat and Kibago/Axew), and they end up in the Ghost Train, being driven by Jessie and James.

Episode 49 ends up with the irritating rodent in TR’s hands, and I was pleased. I was hoping they would be able to pull off one successful scheme in the 13 years of this show.

But of course not…
Episode 50 starts off where 49 left off (I guess they were aired on Japanese TV as a 2-part special). TR were releasing fake ghost trains, which seem to be giant train-shaped balloons on bogies. How they are able to run is beyond comprehension (must be the laws of anime physics).

Anyway, they end up on their way to Kanawa (Anville) Town, where the rail line runs at grade; this way TR can load the train carriage onto a helicopter, and make off with the Pokémon.
Who stops them? Team Twerp on one hand, and the annoying yellow rat releasing Team Twerp’s other Pokémon on the other. Of course, that rat is the hero whose thunderbolt destroys the helicopter’s hoist.

JJM blast off on jet packs (rocket packs?) into the helicopter, poké-less (as usual).
But Twerp at least admitted that he had a good time travelling with Meowth.

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