In every generation…

By Lucario on Sat 28 April 2012

(updated 17 December 2019 to include the Gen VIII Pokémon)
In every generation, there seems to be something in common, whether it is the games or the anime.

Gen I Gen II Gen III Gen IV Gen V Gen VI Gen VII Gen VIII
Starting area rat Rattata Sentret Zigzagoon Bidoof Patrat Horubi Yangooser7 Hoshigarisu
Starting area bird Pidgey Hoothoot Taillow Starly Pidove Yayakoma Tsutsukera Kokogara
Cat Meowth (Meowth) Skitty Glameow Purrloin Nyasper Nyabbi Nyaiking
Dog Growlithe Houndour Poochyena Rioru Yorterry Trimmien Iwanko Wanpachi
Pikachu clone Pikachu Pichu Plusle & Minun Pachirisu Emonga Dedenne Togepikachup7 Morpeko

r7: Yangoose, evolves into Dekagoose, the Donald Trump Pokémon.
p7: Togedemaru is so called because it is a cross between togepikachu. This gen also has Mimikkyu.

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Restarting this blog

By Lucario on Mon 1 August 2011

After a hiatus of a number of years, during which time this blog was lost, found, lost again, archived, then lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters. It took a while to reconstruct this blog, when all that was left of it was actually dregs on the Wayback Machine.  Unfortunately it couldn’t preserve my graphics or scripts, so they seem to be lost permanently.  I’ll have to reconstruct them.

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