Mystery Dungeon (part 6)

By Lucario on Sun 31 December 2006

After one hundred hours of play, I’ve managed to get AYR to level 64, Charmander (now Charizard) to 68, and Blastoise (a Squirtle recruited in Waterfall Pond) to 62. I’m now starting to go after other Pokémon in earnest. I’ve got all 28 Unowns, though there doesn’t seem to be anything special about having them all. I also have all three legendary birds, Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Latias & Latios, and two of the legendary cats. I’m also close to having one legendary dog, seeing as Growlithe is at level 40—wait for him to get to 49, Fire Spin, evolve to Arcanine and Extremespeed! (Anyone who thinks lions and sabre-tooth tigers are dogs need their eyes checked.) Apart from Suicune, the next on my legendary list are the Regis and Mew. Hint: Do not “Use” the Music Box!! It will just disintegrate and you’ll have to fight the Regis again. (Not sure how that works if you’ve already recruited one of them though.)

However, Purity Forest is a pain in the hole! Start off at level 1. Only one Pokémon, no items, no money. The rat goes in and instantly gets killed. Bellsprout breathes on it, doing 14 HP damage. Rat only has 12. Ok, try Charizard. Goes in, 60 HP. Fares better, gets better moves. Gets up to level 5 in the dungeon. Dies of hunger. No apples, no reviver seeds. Aargh!!!

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