Mystery Dungeon (part 4—endgame)

By on 27 November 2006

So, after a few more hours of dungeon adventures, by now becoming rather mundane, I’d managed to get the electric rodent up to level 36. Only a couple of levels, I know, but it’s taking about 30000 experience points to go up a level. The Sky Tower was rather tough, but reaching the save point after the 25th floor was a relief. Again, I’d brought more Reviver Seeds and fewer Max Elixirs than I’d wished. However, given the large number of flying Pokémon, having the electric rat as my main character was again advantageous. I had once again taken Absol as my third companion, as the flying-types would make mincemeat out of Scyther.

The final eight floors before Rayquaza were again quite straightforward, and I was able to use normal attacks with the yellow rat. Rayquaza himself with his 600 hit points (I forget where I saw that) was not too difficult, and certainly not compared with some of the monsters on the upper part of the main tower (say, floors 20-25). He proves to be a bit of a pain, and given the nature of the storyline, all the big green flying snake needs to do is look up before the battle to see how close the meteor is. Then again, there would be no big battle if things were so obvious, would there?

The endgame sequence is just annoying. Oh *sniff* my deeds are done here, I’m going back to the human world. — No, if you wish hard enough, you can remain a Pokémon. — Lo and behold, you are reincarnated as your Pokémon. So I’ve saved Poké-world now I can go back to being a human. WRONG! I am back to being a rat.

Anyway now there are more dungeons to explore and Pokémon to capture. Watch this space, as usual.

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